Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dinner with Dad

The other day little Ricky wandered over to Luke the goat's pen.
He gave his daddy a "maaaa" hello!

Then they decided to have a bit of dinner together.
Isn't that sweet?

There was quite a bit to dine on in front of Luke's pen so it made for a very nice get-together for the two of them. They munched and maaaed and maaaaed and munched - it was good for them to get to know each other.

I think Luke the goat enjoyed himself.
In fact, I think they both look happy - don't they?

Luke gave Ricky a couple of maaaas of fatherly advice and then Ricky went back to his brother.
Hopefully he shared what he learned from his daddy.

Luke is a good daddy goat!

We wish all of the daddies out there a very Happy Father's Day tomorrow. Be sure to have a nice meal together whether it be grass or a burger.


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