Friday, May 10, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - Just Some Farm Cats Enjoying the Spring Weather

It has been BEAUTIFUL around these parts lately.
We goats have not been the only creatures enjoying the weather.
The Farm cats have been spending more time outside too.

There is not much nicer than warm sun and tasty grass to munch.

Just ask Pumpkin the Farm cat.

Was it yummy, Pumpkin?
I suspect he thinks so!
Just don't ask the publicist what she thought when he haucked it all up later that night.
You do NOT want to know.

Harry the Farm cat did some munching and some resting.
He also did some hunting.
The next picture is not for the squeamish so page down quickly if you do not want to see his "kill."

The publicist suspects Sherpa helped with it since he is the bunny catcher on the Farm and she found him eating it's brains later. She does not know what it is with these cats and brain eating! But if the cats don't get 'em the owls will....

Sherpa isn't meowing anything.
But I think he looks guilty.
Don't you?


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