Friday, May 24, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - InspectorCat Sherpa is on the Job!

It's time for another great job by that hard worker - InspectorCat Sherpa!
The male person and the publicist are having a deck put on to the yurt.
I think they are doing this so that I can come up and eat apples in comfort.
Why else would they do it?

Sherpa being Sherpa felt the need to check out the contractor's work.
He is always looking up.

Up, up, up.
That's Sherpa!

When he got up there he did a VERY thorough job of inspecting the work. He walked along the boards to make sure they were sturdy.

He did get a bit sidetracked at one point.
I think Stinky the Farm cat had been in the window just a moment before this photo was taken.

He checked left!

He checked right!

He even made sure that the front door was closed. Clever cat!
I think he can't wait to have a new way into the yurt.

He is one focused InspectorCat!
He soon finished his inspection and decided he had better things to do.

It was time to jump down and look for other things that needed inspecting.

Good job, InspectorCat Sherpa!
Good job indeed!

ps:  Thank you to everyone for all of the nice compliments on my new header. It made me smile to read them all.

pps:  don't forget the widget for all of the poor animals in Oklahoma


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