Tuesday, May 28, 2013

AbbyDay - It Was a Day for Ruminating.

It's AbbyDay - the best day of the week. Why?

Yesterday was a day for me to do some ruminating.
The publicist came and told me something.

Do I look a bit sad?
It's that time.
She told me little Rory had a new home.
He was going to a nice big Farm and he would be leaving on June 1st.

I needed some time to ruminate about this.
I knew that my kids can't all stay on the Farm.
But it is always hard when I have to maaaaa goodbye.

He will be on a Farm with a horse and another little kid goat - a boer so he will have company.
It is a Farm of people the publicist and male person have know since they moved here so he is going somewhere special.

I will spend this week sharing my wisdom with him and making him ready for his new home.
I know they will love him, he is a very friendly, happy goat.

I AM happy for him but I will of course miss him. What kind of nanny would I be if I didn't.
But I won't let him see me upset.
He will see me all smiles as he goes to his new life.

I will make sure he knows it's a GOOD thing.
I will smile.
I am AbbyGoat!


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