Tuesday, May 7, 2013

AbbyDay - I Show You How Cute My Kids Are

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week. And I have the best kids in the world - because they are AbbyKids!

The last few days it has been warm and sunny.
I approve.
But before it was warm and sunny it was cold.
Cold enough that Ricky and Rudy were shivering.
This worried the publicist so she put them in goatcoats.

Personally I would find wearing a goatcoat embarrassing but I suppose it is better than being cold.
I must admit that they did look very, very cute.

Don't you think?
Rudy the goat is still teeny tiny but he is feisty. He is first to go anywhere!

In fact he jumped on top of the hay feeder in his goatcoat and kept Mick and Keith at bay. They are a week younger than he is and yet they are both much larger. He didn't care. He did not let them jump up.

He OWNED that hay pile!
He (and I) was very proud!

After he won the battle he jumped down and got a snack.
He still hasn't learned to not eat IN his food.

He has though, learned the Goat Stare of Death.
That's MY boy!

Little Ricky was not to be outdone, but I think he was not happy with the COLOR of his goatcoat.

But buckly bucks wear pink.

Hey, if it keeps them warm they do!
Be proud, Ricky - wear that pink like a BUCK! (Even if you are a wether.)

You are still a toughbuck!
I promise.
You are an AbbyKid!

Show them!
You know what to do!

That's right - the Goat Stare of Death.
They're my boys!

Neither one has to worry any longer now - the weather has turned and there should be no more need for goatcoats. We are ALL happy about that!


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