Monday, April 29, 2013

The Snow is Gone, The Sun is Here

All of that snow is gone.
I am very happy about that.
As I keep maaaaing, I am an African goat and I like it WARM.

The sun came out and I tried a new basking spot.

 What do you think?
If it weren't for the stupid chickens it would be perfect.

When they bothered me too much I just moved to another spot.
One thing about basking - you just need the sun.
Aaaaah, it felt so nice on my furs.

A little goat yoga to relax.
OK - so I don't do the fancy poses any longer.
I am an old goat.
As long as I still exercise a little I am still doing well.

Now to nap quietly in the sun.
Life is good.
Especially since those rambunctious kids are in a separate pen with their nannies! 

I hope you all get to bask and and nap in the sun today too!


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