Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hop Hop Goats?

The kids are growing!
With growing comes all of that hopping and jumping.
They have discovered the hay basket the publicist has put out for Abby and Thelma.

They seem to think it is a play toy especially for them.
Silly kids!

They maaaa, "what do you mean this is not a toy?"

If I want to play, I will play!

I am king of the hay pile!

Until I am SuperGoat, flying through the air!

Now all of this sillyness is done under the watchful eye of their nanny.

AbbyGoat makes sure that the kids do not hurt themselves or each other.

She does wonder if she has been given more than any nanny can handle though.
Every now and then, even at such a young age, she gets some goatitude!

But if she maaaas to get down...

A kid will GET DOWN!

But most assuredly in his own stylish way!

Be sure to enter the kid naming giveaway  - today is the last day to enter!

AbbyDay will return next week!
Be afraid....be very afraid.


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