Tuesday, April 23, 2013

AbbyDay - Mother Nature Will Not Beat ME!

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week. Mother Nature thought she would get the best of AbbyGoat - Pfffffft!

NOTHING gets the best of AbbyGoat!
I reign supreme.

Even though it is Spring.
Even though it is April.
Mother Nature decided to give us a snowstorm
She gave us about 3" of snow.

The kids were not sure about this white stuff - remember, they had not seen snow before.
Even though Thelma the goat HAD seen snow before she was acting a little erm, cowardly...

...she hid in the goathouse!
She left her kids out all alone to deal with this strange weather.

Whereas I, AbbyGoat kept my kids close.

I made sure they understood that snow was not something to be afraid of.

I even led them in some goat yoga to put them at ease.
They are trying different poses here.

But look how synchronized they can be!
Is that not impressive?
I think so!

What do you want?
We are doing just fine.

The publicist will have photos all week of all of us in the snow.


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