Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Strawberries for My Studmuffin

I was not the only lucky goat to get tasty strawberries.
It's true!
The publicist took some to my studmuffin.

At first he was not sure about these strange, red things.
He gave that berry a really good sniff.

Then he gave it the hairy eyeball.
He had never seen a strawberry before!

But he decided it was OK.
And he munched it right down!
He is no fool, my studmuffin!

Then she tried to give him some delicious strawberry caps.
He was not quite so sold on them.

In fact, he did not eat them.
Silly Luke!
Strawberry caps are mighty tasty!

Now to answer the questions from yesterday - the publicist got these big berries at Costco. She is making jam for the male person to put in his goat's milk yogurt. She said they were sweet and delicious but I had already maaaaed that to you.

You might also see that my studmuffin has a boo boo on his head. He got a bit annoyed at AbbyGoat who is in the pen next to him in the barn. He was banging and banging and banging his head against the pen and he hurt his head. The publicist was not happy but there was not much she could do. She says that AbbyGoat is putting out hormones and this is making Luke a little bit crazy.

Poor Luke.


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