Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Not So Wordless Wednesday - I Have Exciting News!

Hey everygoat!

I have the most exciting news!
The publicist told me that we have been nominated for a most exciting award!

Our blog is a Blog Paws Nose to Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Finalist!
We are nominated as a Best Wiggle Blog Finalist - that is for blogs focusing on animals other than dogs or cats!

I am very excited since I am the writer of the blog!
I did my Famous Goat Dance of Joy.
The publicist did not have her camera.

It was better than getting more strawberries to munch!
And you KNOW how much I LOVE strawberries!

The award comes with a ticket to the Blog Paws conference but I cannot go. They do not let goats in First Class and that is the ONLY was a Famous SpokesGoat should fly. The publicist cannot go either since she has to be here to cater to my needs.

I am just the proudest goat in the world!
I have put my extra special badge on my blog to show how proud I am.

The winners will be chosen at the BlogPaws conference in May. 
Our good friend Katie has been nominated too! 

I will be sure to let you know if I win.


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