Thursday, March 7, 2013

I am MAD at the Sun

It's true!
It came out the other day.
We all enjoyed it.
You saw Thelma basking yesterday.

She looked so happy, didn't she?

I basked too.
It was so delightful to feel the warm sun on my furs.

Even if my furs are looking a bit disheveled right now.
A doe can't help it during "shaggy time."
I'll be all sleek and smooth before you know it.

It was so nice to just lie down and relax.

AbbyGoat was happy about it too.
I don't blame her.
She is the size of the horse barn across the street very pregnant.

Aaaaaah, such delight.
Nothing to do but my goat yoga.

I am a very limber goat for my age!

But do know what happened today?
It snowed a LOT.
And we had to spend the day in the barn.

THAT is why I am mad at the sun.
It should have stayed out.
It should not have gone away.

Harumph to the sun!
It had better come back soon!
Or else!


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