Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hmmmm, What is This?

AbbyGoat is on her maternity leave but she wants everyone to know that she thinks she should get some credit for MY BlogPaws nomination.

As if!

I mean she only maaaas one day a week on this blog. The Farm cats do THAT much. I do most of the work. Sheesh! She can be a pain in the.....Oh, hi AbbyGoat, how are you?

Do you have a problem with me getting credit, Pricilla?

Hmmmm, what is this red thing?
I have never seen this before.

Is this some kind of new treat?
It certainly LOOKS interesting.
I wonder how it TASTES?

Only one way to find out!
Oh my!
Why have we not had these red things before?

I am in goat heaven!

Were you maaaaing something Pricilla?


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