Friday, March 1, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - Harry The Farm Cat Sits in Wait

Harry the Farm cat is a huntercat.
It's true.
It's disturbing, but true.

It's good for us goats because we have mice in our barn.
Harry the Farm cat is a very good mouser but he has strange tastes in mouse.
When he catches them he only eats the brains.
Ick, right?

What do you suppose this means?
Is Harry going to turn into a ZOMBIECAT?!
I, for one hope not because even though I have threatened Harry the Farm cat I like that he gets rid of the mice.

Every day after we leave our barn

Harry goes in.
He does not like to go in the barn if there are goats in there.
He know we will butt him!

That is why he enters cautiously.
I cannot say that I blame him.
I do not think it would be fun to be flipped by a goat.
(Ask the publicist!)

If he hears a strange sound he will start!
He waits until he figures out what it is.
If it is a goat he leaves.
If it is just a stupid chicken he will stay.

If he stays he will climb all the way up to the top of the pen posts.

He sits up there among all the icky cobwebs and watches for mousie movement.
(The publicist says she is sorry for the fuzzy photos but the lighting is not good in our barn.)

What's that?!
Is it?
Could it be?

No! Just the publicist trying to get MORE pictures.
Silly publicist!
She is ruining Harry's hunting!
She needs to LEAVE!

If Harry spots a mousie he will LEAP down and catch it!
He will then.... 

And chew off the back of his head and

The publicist finds this disgusting.
When he is done with his brain eating he then carries the dead mousie and feeds it to the chickens. They either rip it to shreds in their enthusiasm to eat it or a rooster swallows it whole.

The publicist says she hopes I haven't ruined your breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack.
I did warn you to stop reading if you were squeamish.

Cats (and chickens) can be rather disgusting.
But I am very glad for fewer mousies in my barn!
Thank you Harry.
Thank you!


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