Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Day Late for Dr. Seuss Day - But What the Hey (Hay?)

Yesterday was Dr. Seuss Day and the publicist missed it!
What a silly woman.
So today I am making sure to do something about remembering Dr. Seuss.
Do you remember my very last kid, Kevin the goat?
I do.
I think a nanny always remembers her first and her last a little more then all of the others.

Keven was a little hopper.
He hopped on EVERYTHING.
Even me.
So one day the publicist came up with this little story - it's a bit like the Dr. Seuss story, Hop on Pop so I thought it would be fun to re-run it for you today. Some of you were not reading my blog when Kevin was here so this might be fun for you.

I hope you enjoy Hop on Prop!

Kevin is a hopping kid. I am sure you remember this post where Kevin was trying to hop on ME. He has actually succeeded in hopping on me but the publicist hasn't gotten a photo of it yet. I don't know what he is trying to accomplish; whether he wants a ride or just to see what is going on. Any way the kid will hop on anything. One of our wonderful commenters suggested I write a book like the wonderful Dr. Seuss book Hop on Pop. I have decided Kevin's book should be Hop on Prop since he will hop on ANYTHING.

He will hop on hay

He will hop and play

He will hop on me

He will hop and flee

He will hop on a stump

He will hop on the trash dump

And just to show he has no sense
He will even hop on some fence!

I hope you enjoyed hopping with Kevin. I personally now have a headache from all that hopping. He is an active kid and growing up to be a nice buck.

Kevin the goat left our Farm to go live on another Farm and as far as we all know he is doing just fine.


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