Monday, February 4, 2013

We Just Want to Bask in Peace

Before I start my post for today the publicist wants me to maaaa a great big "thank you" from her for all of the nice get well wishes. She is feeling better now and hopes her bad days stay away for a bit.

The publicist checks on us many times throughout the day. 
She looks out the windows of the yurt to make sure that nogoat is caught up in a fence or that nothing is bothering us.

She sees all manner of things when she looks out her windows.
The other day she looked out and she saw those stupid chickens bothering us.


I was just trying to bask in peace in the nice sunshine.

But could I?

I was surrounded by stupid chickens!
It is NOT right!
This is the GOAT pen, not the CHICKEN pen.

I could not even go into my goat house.

They were in there too!
The nerve of them.
Clucking birds!

I was not the only goat they were bothering.

They were all around AbbyGoat too.
If I were them I would be more careful.... never know what AbbyGoat might do!

Thelma couldn't even eat her hay without being hen pecked!

Louise was having issues too.

Just trying to enjoy the nice, warm sun and the birds! The birds!
She must have some secret though, because when I looked over just a minute later I saw this:

Oh how I envied her.
Do you think she will teach me her secret?

I hope so.


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