Thursday, February 7, 2013

More Exciting Soap News

I have more exciting news about my shop!
AbbyGoat already maaaed to you about the new little heart soaps that I have for sale for weddings. Well, there are going to be two other soaps too!

Is that not great?!
I think it is.

The first one is a cat.
I am not as excited about this one but I know how much you humans like cats.

The publicist seems to like it too.
Just WHAT is it about cats?
It doesn't have a name yet.
I will have a contest when it is ready to be sold.
Right now they are curing.

The second one is a froggie.

I like this one a lot.
I picked it out for my very special friend Lin.
In fact, I am going to name it after her!
So meet Lin the Frog!

They will both be available in limited scents in about a month.
I will let you know when.
I will have a giveaway!

Are you excited?
I am.


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