Saturday, February 16, 2013

Farm Visitor - The Hairy Woodpecker

We had a visitor to the Farm.
A little feathered visitor.
The publicist saw him (her?) when see was getting the Farm cats their breakfast.

She looked out the kitchen window and saw him on the felled bull pine tree.

A hairy woodpecker!

She is sorry the photos are blurry - he was a little bit far away.

He spent a lot of time pecking at the tree looking for tasty bugs to eat.
Not that I think bugs are tasty but he sure does.

She likes woodpeckers. We have a number of different woodpeckers that visit our yard.
In fact a flicker also visited the tree with the hairy woodpecker but he was gone before the publicist had the lens cap off of her camera. The flicker is here almost every day. He pecks on the shed a LOT.

This little hairy guy also jumped down into the sawdust the male person made when he cut up the tree into chunks.

I am sure he found more yummy bugs there too.
The publicist is glad that eats bugs.
She does not like bugs.

Maybe some day she will get a photo of that flicker or even the pileated woodpecker that visits in the summertime.


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