Friday, February 1, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - TAXI!

I truly think that the Farm Cats have the life.
What do you mean I have the life?!
OK - I do have it pretty good.

But the Farm Cats get to live inside, get their meals served to them twice a day and if Sherpa wants to get from here to there he just calls for his taxi.

Talk about lazy spoiled!
Sherpa climbs up the male person's back and meows until the male person figures out where he wants to go. (The male person does not like this in summer when he is just wearing a t-shirt).

I think the male person is crazy!
I mean who rules this yurt?

Looking at this I would maaaa Sherpa.
What about you?
It looks like this time Sherpa wants to go to the refrigerator so he can walk along the walls.

Or maybe not!
Maybe he has other plans.

When asked about this power he has over the male person Sherpa merely meowed, "talk to the paw."

He meows that a lot.


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