Friday, February 22, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - SnowCats and A News About Our Friend Stunning Keisha

It's Farm Cat Friday and while this snow has melted I wanted to show you those silly boys, Harry and Sherpa out in the snow.

Sometimes I think they are afraid of it.
Silly Farm cats!

Harry is more adventuresome than Sherpa, that is for sure.

He will venture out and explore a bit.
Even if the world is all white.

But he does get scared and then he runs back to the walkway to the basement door.

There he waits for the publicist to let him back into the nice, warm yurt.
I wish I could go into the nice, warm yurt!
What is he looking at?

Why Sherpa the Farm cat!
Who is not at all sure of all of this white stuff.

Harry sits somewhat patiently for the publicist to finish with us goats so he can get inside to his food.
I did say somewhat.
He looks like he is going to attack the publicist, doesn't he?

But he doesn't.
He is a smart Farm cat.
He know where he treats come from.

Now I would like to tell you about our friend, Stunning Keisha! She is a city cat who is trying to win lots of monies for her favorite shelter, A Call 4 Paws. She is asking for votes in the Luckiest Pet Contest from Petfinder. Keisha was found by her publicist on Petfinder and she is using her mug shot as her entry photo.

I have a link to it on my sidebar so you can vote everyday after you visit my blog! If you don't have a Petfinder account it is very easy to sign up for one. The publicist did it in seconds and we have voted for Keisha! So all of us - goats, cats, humans and even the chickens - are asking you to vote for Keisha! You can click on the button either here or on the sidebar and it will take you right to her page. You can vote once a day and the contest runs until 3/18. The winner will get to donate $5000 to their chosen shelter. 

That is very special and we are going to help Keisha to win.


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