Friday, February 15, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - Face Off II

As you saw on Wednesday that Harry dared to have a stare down with me.
He is one tough little Farm cat!

Afterwards he was following the publicist into the yurt and he had yet another face off.
It was a busy day for a tuxedo cat.

Harry was just walking along minding his own cat business.

And he came upon a stalker!
Just lying in wait for him!
Ready to pounce!

But Harry was ready too!
He had a mud puddle between him and his stalker.


Harry moved first!
It was exciting.
They ran towards the yurt!

Look at the action!

Harry waited.
What would Sherpa do next?

Looks like Sherpa was pounced out!
He ran for the safety of the door.

Leaving Harry to wait and watch for new prey.


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