Thursday, January 17, 2013

We Need to Be Saved!

It's true!
Especially me!

I would like someone to come rescue me from the awful conditions I have to live in.
No goat should have to live like this.

Can you believe the publicist is allowing this weather?
She knows I am an African goat. She knows I like it warm.
Just LOOK at all this snow.

Do you see how high it is?
It is over my hooves.
This is goat abuse!

I am begging someone to come get me and take me somewhere warm.
So who is up for it?

I don't eat, burp, much.
I like apples and grain and carrots and grain and apples and grain and hay.
And nice hot water to drink.
I am not fussy.
The publicist will tell you. She takes good care of me.



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