Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Farm Cats are Toasty Warm Thanks to Daisy the Curly Cat!

I think the Farm Cats are trying to take over MY blog.
The publicist said that I have to tell you about them again today.
This is ridiculous.
She told me to "chill" and to just get on with it.
If it weren't for the fact that I get to maaaaa about Daisy the Curly Cat too I don't think I would have done this. 
I LIKE Daisy the Curly Cat!

So here goes.
Daisy had a giveaway at her second job on the PetMeds blog and the Farm Cats won!
They were very excited to know that they were getting a heated cat pad.

Especially Stinky - she is old and is often cold.
Hey - I am a poetgoat!

It arrived and the publicist set it up on their scratching post.
Stinky the Farm cat was indeed the first Farm cat up there.

Doesn't she look happy?
What do you mean you can't tell?

Trust me, she is one happy Farm cat!

She spends a lot of time up there and to the male person's delight she now sleeps there instead of in the bed with him and the publicist.

Then there is this shameful, shameful photo. I am not sure it is appropriate for young eyes:

The things that go on in the yurt just shock me!
I try maaaaing to the publicist about these things but I get nowhere.

You can see that Sherpa the Farm cat also enjoys the heated cat pad.

When asked about it he got a touch annoyed at being awoken.

He meowed, "talk to the paw."

And went back to sleep.
So I would say that the Farm cats like this new addition to their lives.

And they just want to sleep in warmth and peace.
They do thank Daisy the Curly Cat and PetMeds for making their scratching post so nice and comfy.

So far they have not let Harry and Pumpkin try it out.
I will let you know if they do.


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