Friday, January 18, 2013

Farm Cat Friday - The Farm Cats Play with a New Toy

The Farm cats are just a little bit spoiled.
I maaaa this because the publicist gets them toys to play with.
Their newest toy is the CatAmazing toy.
It's a tasty spiffy box that gets folded together with different colored sections where treats can be hidden.
The kitties then work to get the treats out.

OK - maybe this is not as much fun as I thought.
I don't like to WORK.
I am a retired goat.

But the Farm cats sure do enjoy their CatAmazing!
The publicist was making bread the other day and she heard a noise.
She looked down and there was Harry the Farm cat!
Another time it was Stinky. Those cats are really enjoying their new toy.

If you cannot see the movie you can see it on YouTube HERE

They like their treats too!
I would maaa that the Farm cats liked doing this review, don't you think?

You can shop for CatAmazing.
You can learn about CatAmazing
You can find CatAmazing on Facebook
You can find CatAmazing on Twitter

Disclosure: The Farm cats were sent a free CatAmazing. They gave their honest review. They didn't get anything else for their work but the treats the publicist put in the CatAmazing.


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