Saturday, December 1, 2012

Post Redux - An Ode to Luke the Goat

The publicist is not feeling well so I am bringing you an oldie but a goodie today. It's from before I was a retired goat so don't get any ideas about me having a kid. The publicist says that is NOT going to happen no matter how much I moan.

There he stands in the cold of the morning. 
Just waiting at the barn door.

Then he runs down to his pen, little tail waggin'.
The perfect buck goat for sure!

He stops by the doe pen to see what we are doing.
I have warned off the girls, He is all mine now hear it.

So he goes to his pen to spend his day alone.
Don't worry my love, I am with you in spirit.

He checks out his hay, is he ready to munch?
Could there be something better, something with crunch?

Of course! He forgot! He runs to his grain. 
He eats it all up. Off to the hay - he's in the zone.

I love my little Luke I wish I could be with him.
But soon I will have a kid of his all of my own. (Keep your hooves crossed)

(Isn't he just the handsomest?!)

I hope you liked my little poem today. I have been thinking about my studmuffin and just had to share.


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