Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oooooh, Bad Goats!

It seems I hear the publicist saying, "BAD GOATS!" an awful lot around here lately.
Not that she would ever have cause to say it to ME!
I am hardly ever never a bad goat.
In fact, I am downright angelic.

Why am I hearing hysterical laughter?

Never mind.

Today's post is about REALLY bad goats.
Just look:

I was shocked too!
You never see ME in the hay pile.


Back to my tale....
That Louise does not control her kids!
Especially that little Clarence.
He was down.

He was up.

He was a little jumping bean of a kid!
Doesn't he look like trouble's a brewin'?

Just look at how floofed his fur is!
He soon started chasing his brother around.

Louise KNEW she was in trouble.

Look at her face!
She kept peering around the corner every time the publicist yelled.

Not that she moved away from the hay pile or anything! Oh no!

She and those hoppy kids of hers just stayed there and munched.

The publicist soon corralled them all and got them back in the barn.
Where those boys were STILL climbing.

Silly kids!


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