Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Studmuffin and the Apples

While we were performing in our stupendous production of A Christmaaaa Carol the publicist took lots and lots and lots of photos. She could not use all of them in our story so I am going to show you them as the year winds down. 

Today I want to share with you how much my studmuffin, Luke the goat enjoyed his apples. You know that we goats really like to munch on crunchy apples but my Luke does it with style! But first I MUST comment on how handsome he is!

He was very excited to be getting an apple treat.
We don't see many apples this time of year.
You can see he is smiling and eating at the same time here.

I don't blame him.
We were ALL smiling and eating.
Those apples were DELICIOUS!

The publicist gave him quite a few pieces.
I was getting worried that she would not save any for ME!
But I know the publicist would never do that. She loves me.

That Luke was one Happy Goat as he enjoyed his Christmas snack.
I think he might have tried to eat the publicist's fingers!
I do not think they would have tasted as good as apple though, and besides - we are vegetarian goats!

I know this photo starred in the production but it is sooooo cute I had to end with it today.
Don't you agree?

My studmuffin is one adorable apple eater!


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