Friday, December 28, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - Who Needs a Cat Bed When You Have a Publicist?

The publicist is usually cold.
She bundles up but she still feels chilly sometimes so when she sits on the sofa she pulls out a blanket and then she feels nice and toasty.
Certain members of the Farm family take this as an invitation.

Erm. I wonder if I lived in the yurt if I would be allowed to do this.
What do you think?
I SUPPOSE it adds an additional layer of warmth.

Pumpkin the Farm cat does not like to share the publicist with Stinky but puts up with her because he knows he has no choice.
He does not look happy though, does he?

If the publicist tries to move all manner of caterwauling breaks out.
These Farm cats mean business when they settle down to sleep!

Would you want the Pumpkin Stare of Death zeroing in on you?
I thought not.


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