Friday, December 14, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - Sherpa and the Snow

It's Farm Cat Friday and today I get to show you that I am not the only animal on this Farm that does not like the snow. Sherpa the Farm cat does not like it either. If you ask me that just goes to show what a smart cat he is.

But I will never admit that I maaaaed that a cat was smart.
Just watch this movie....

If you cannot see the movie you can see it on YouTube HERE

Isn't he a silly kitty?
I can't say I blame him.
I do not like the snow either.

I have two announcements:

Santa Paws Drive is winding up so if you have not made your donation please do so. It is open through 12/20 for cash donations and raffle ticket purchases.
BREAKING NEWS: Fancy Feast has donated $1,000 to Santa Paws Drive and has offered up 100 of their adorable cat ornaments to the FIRST 100 people who donate to Santa Paws Drive today.....

Starting Monday, December 17, be sure to be here for A Christmaaaa Carol by Chaaaarles DickensGoat. It will have all of your favorite characters including - Abby ScroogeGoat, Pricilla CratchitGoat, Tiny BruceGoat, and all of the Spirits. It should be.....interesting.


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