Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Christmaaaaa Carol by Charles DickensGoat

Yesterday we left Abbynezer contemplating a future without a Christmas Tree-t! Can she change her ways?

As Abbynezer woke from her dreams she wondered if it was too late for her.
She looked out of the barn and she saw a kid.
Hey kid!
Yes you, kid!
What day is this?

Why it's Christmaaaa Day!

Abbynezer was overjoyed!
She didn't miss Christmaaaa!
The spirits had done their work in one night!

Kid, kid? Is that basket of apples still there down at the Farm store?
The big one with plenty for all?

Why yes it is, the kid replied.

Well go and get it. Go and get it and bring it back here, maaaaed Abbynezer!
We shall have a feast!
A Christmaaaa feast!

So the kid ran off to the Farm store and Abbynezer ran out of the barn to gather all of the goats together.

She ran like she hasn't ran in a lifetime.

She maaaaed, follow me!

The others were surprised but they heard the word feast!

Come back Monday for the conclusion to our story!


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