Monday, December 24, 2012

A Christmaaaaa Carol by Charles DickensGoat

On Saturday we left Abbynezer gathering the goats and calling for apples. She had seen the light. The Spirits had made her realize that she had been a not so nice goat.  

She sent Clarence the goat to the Farm store for the big basket of apples and a pear it appears.

She told him to have them cut up for everygoat to enjoy!
She wanted all of the goats to have the merriest of Christmaaaas.

When the apples arrived Abbynezer was very excited! 

She checked them out to make sure they were the BEST apples ever.

She made sure that Pricilla CratchitGoat who had worked so hard for her all of these years had the first taste!

Pricilla could not believe that the apples were for her.

She was so thrilled!
She dug right in!

Abbynezer was going to take better care of Pricilla in the future - give her good hay to eat and a warm place to sleep.

After Pricilla had her fill the other goats shared in the feast!

Louise the goat ate her fill and she had plenty of milk for Bruce and Clarence!

Thelma the goat ate hers a little more delicately but she enjoyed them all the same!

Even Abbynezer joined in the feast. She who would not spend time with the other goats!

She even sent some to the Ghoast of Christmaaaa Tree-t Past!

He said it was a great Christmaaa treat present!

All of the goats were happy. All of the goats were warm and well fed.
Little Bruce would grow up to be big and strong!
And Abbynezer?
Abbynezer ALWAYS kept Christmaaaa well!

Merry Christmaaa from all of us here on the Farm to all of you!


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