Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Christmaaaaa Carol by Charles DickensGoat

Yesterday Abbynezer ScroogeGoat was visited by the Ghoast of Christmas Tree-t Past.

As she stumbled back to the barn Abbynezer wasn't sure what to make of what just happened. She shook it off as remnants of that bad hay. But then she heard the strangest sound.....

"I am the Ghost of Christmeow Present!"
"I am here to show you specters of the way things are."
"Touch my lustrous furs and we shall be on our way - NO BUTTING!"

Abbynezer reluctantly did as asked and suddenly found herself looking the most glorious Christmas Tree-t she had ever seen!

It was the Christmas Tree-t for this year!
It was big!
It was full of lush branches.
It was going to be all HERS!

You are not really here.
You are to observe.

Besides, that Tree-t has to go in the house to be used by the crazy humans first.

We will visit your employeegoat Pricilla CratchitGoat to see how she is faring this holiday season.

There she is, out in the cold, snowy weather.
Freezing because you won't let her into the barn!

You have all of that hay in your hay pile and yet you do not give her the slightest bit despite all of the hard work she does for you.

And her family - grandkid Louise and great grandkids Bruce and Clarence. They are hungry too. You don't pay her enough to keep them well fed. You should be ashamed of yourself!
Louise's milk will soon run out! She barely has enough for two and little Bruce is not growing as he should.

Look at him!
He is tiny!
He shivers in the cold snow!
What will become of him without a warm place to sleep and a good meal?

What did Pricilla CratchitGoat think of how Abbynezer treated other goats....

Well, let's just say she felt there was room for improvement and leave it at that.
Pricilla needed her job!

Abbynezer thought about this and she maaaed, "What WILL become of Bruce the goat? Will he be OK?"  The spirit said, " I see an empty place under Louise as Clarence nurses alone."

Abbynezer maaaed if these things were sure to come to pass or if they could change?
The spirit just left to go back where all were welcome:

Where all spirits met to compare notes.

Abbynezer went back to her barn fearing what might come next.....


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