Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sherpa is ATTACKED in His Very Small Box

Yesterday you saw Sherpa the Farm cat in his very small box.
We still do not know how he stuffed himself in that box.
He was in it again today!
Silly Sherpa.
He is a big, fat fluffy cat.
He should not go in little, tiny boxes should he?

Just to prove that he was ATTACKED in his mini-box.
It's true!
Just watch - but not if you are squeamish.
He is attacked by a HAND with no body attached.

If you cannot see the movie you can view it on YouTube HERE

Wasn't that a SCARY hand?
I would not want it attacking me!

It did attack me once! More than once actually.
It gave me needles!
Needles with penicillin in them when I was sick.
It's a VERY SCARY hand!

I can tell you that Sherpa survived his attack.
I saw him later in the wood pile - alive.


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