Friday, November 23, 2012

Pricilla Offers Some Holiday Shopping Tips

It's Farm Cat Friday and all of us here on the Farm hoped that all of our US readers had a very nice Thanksgiving. The publicist says that she wished she had four stomachs like me - it would have made eating all of the delicious Thanksgiving food easier.

The Farm cats would like to offer some holiday shopping tips to all of you out there since today is Black Friday. They think instead of going shopping in big stores you should shop in small, local stores like those of their many blog friends. In fact tomorrow is Small Business Saturday and many of our friends have small businesses so may we suggest:

Our friend Millie's publicist has the Eden Hills Market where you can get beautiful photo calendars, delicious popcorn and cute Christmas ornaments.

Angel and Isabella over at Beaded Tail help snoopervise their human as she makes beautiful jewelry. Much of it cat and dog themed. Your gift does double duty - you get something pretty and the proceeds are donated to animal charities. You can find cat lover earrings and dog lover earrings (don't let the dogs near me please!)

Cube and Lola the goats live down in Texas where their publicist loves to sew. She makes adorable goat coats that also fit cats and dogs! Not to mention pretty pillows and tote bags.

Our friends Lucky Nickel and Fezzik live in Canada! They drove their with their publicist all the way from Iowa. Their publicist, Claire sells yarn, cute felted chickens and beaded bracelets among other items in her shop. 

Sparkle is another of our friends and she is a very famous author. It's true! She has written two books; Dear Sparkle and Dear Sparkle: Advice from One Cat to Another. Sparkle has a store at Zazzle where you can find her Sparkle Calendar with Rules for Humans as well as beautiful cards and mugs with photos of Sparkle and her housemates Binga and Boodie.

Then there is Katie - the famous cat that should have won a Friskie. We think she was robbed. Katie and her human Glogirly are designers. Wouldn't it be a fun gift to give someone a custom avatar or a new blog header? Talk about a unique and personal gift!

Boy I know a lot of cats....but how could I not mention the very first cat friend I made on the internet? Daisy the Curly Cat! And Harley of course! Vist the Curly Cat Designs store to find all kinds of Daisy and Harley fun from t-shirts, mugs and waterbottles and magnets to a Daisy calendar.

Last but not least the Furriends Cat Blogosphere is hosting an auction to help Random Felines with the care of the Gemstone Kitties (you can read all about them at Random Felines). There are lots of great things up for auction including a $25 gift certificate for my rich soap. Why not check out the auction for some Christmas shopping? You might find a perfect present and help out some adorable kittens at the same time. The publicist is doing some shopping this way for the male person....and rumor has it for the Farm cats!

And of course don't forget my rich soap! It makes a wonderful stocking stuffer or hostess gift. You can use the code PRICILLA and get an extra 10% off!

Tomorrow on her blog the publicist will tell you about HER friends and the pretty things they make so be sure to check it out. It is good to shop in small stores.


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