Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Take Care of the SPY

It was a nice day on the Farm.
One of the last nice days were going to have before Winter rears its ugly head.
SNOW is coming this weekend!

The publicist decided to let us run around the Farm for a bit to give us some freedom.
It was the last big graze of the year.
It was the twins first graze!
There will be more pictures over the next few days but first I had to be a ProtectorGoat.
There was a SPY.
It's true!
And I, Pricilla would take care of it.

Just look!
Look at that SPY watching us goats as we munched on the yummy wood pile.
Do you see the SPY?

It's Sherpa the Farm cat!
He does not belong there.
It's goat time!

He was watching Bruce and Clarence!
Do you think he was thinking of goat dinner?
I was NOT going to let that happen!

I charged right over there to let that Sherpa know that he was NOT welcome!

I maaaaaed at him that he had better skeedaddle if he wanted to stay on the ground.
(I have sent cats flying in the past and I would do it again!)

He was smart!
He left.

Bruce and Clarence were safe!
I am a good great grandnanny spybustergoat!


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