Friday, November 16, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - No Box Too Small, No Cat Too Big

The box wars continue on the Happy Goats Farm.
Not with us goats - oh no!
If we were given boxes we would simply munch them 'til they were gone.

It's those silly Farm cats Sherpa and Harry.
The publicist was getting a soap order ready to ship and she emptied out one of the boxes she was using to store soap.

What was a cat to do?

But this was a small box and Sherpa is a BIG cat.
Did that matter? NO!

He was going to stuff himself in that box no matter what!
And it took some stuffing.

He was rather proud of his cat self.

But when the publicist and male person starting telling him he was a touch erm, fluffy for that box he ignored them! He liked his new box and that was that.

In fact, his tail told the whole story:

as cats' tails always do.

That silly Sherpa stayed in that box for so long the publicist thought he was STUCK!
But no! He eventually hopped out.

He then went and visited Harry in HIS box....

Harry is no foolcat!


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