Friday, November 30, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - The Farm Cats Are All For Santa Paws Drive

Sherpa here - I am the SpokesCat for the Farm cats today.

I would like you all to listen to me today about a very important fundraiser for shelter pets. As you can see I have a pretty cushy life. If not for the male person coming and getting me out of the shelter I might be a shelter cat. That is why it is so important for me to help them.

I would like you to listen to me right now. I don't want to have to break out the paw.

Santa Paws Drive raises money and bundles of toys every year so that shelter animals can have a Merry Christmas. You can see we have a widget on the right side of our blog. The group picks 6 shelters every year to receive the benefits; this year two are overseas, one is a shelter impacted by Hurricane Sandy and the others are no kill shelters across the United States. You can read about them HERE.

Isn't that a wonderful fundraiser? Aren't they lucky shelter pets? I'm drooling just thinking about all those toys. 

Soon Santa Paws Drive will have a raffle! Last year the publicist donated to the raffle and she won us Greenies for a Year! That was a great prize. This year Pricilla is donating a prize! 

You can enter to win A Year of Soap! That's right - you will get 4 bars of Pricilla's soap every other month for a year. That's 24 bars of soap! Isn't that a great prize?! The raffle should start on December 1st so be on the lookout on the Santa Paws Drive site. Even a donation of one green paper can help.

I'm tired now. This SpokesCat stuff is hard work. I know I have a great place to live, lots of food to eat and plenty of boxes for play. Not all cats do, though so think about Santa Paws Drive.

I'm going to sleep now.
I need my beauty rest.
Thank you for listening.


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