Tuesday, November 27, 2012

AbbyDay - I Make an Announcement About MY Soap Shop

It's AbbyDay the best day of the week. Yesterday was Cyber Monday - every other day should be Worship Abby Day!

I am making an important announcement about MY soap shop.
It is not Pricilla's shop - she does not give milk.
I give milk.
Therefore it SHOULD be MY soap shop.
So there!

There are NEW SOAPS in the shop!
Is that not exciting?
And they are made with MY rich milk.
MY milk.

First there is the Animals of Montana soap set. There are three soaps in the set; a bison, a moose and a bear. Do not worry! The bear will not eat you. It is only a soap! Right now it is listed in lavender but many more scents are coming as soon as the publicist gets off her lazy butt and puts them in MY shop the publicist gets time to list them.

In honor of the horses across the street...
What is this world coming too.

OK, I have calmed down now.
The publicist says this is why I do not make a good SpokesGoat.

In honor of the horses across the street we now have a Running Horse soap.
(Seriously stupid if you ask me. There should be more Abby soaps.)
These will be sold one bar at a time and will also come in a variety of scents as soon as the publicist gets her act together. If you are interested you can write to her and ask if she has it in the scent you like.

And the GREAT BIG announcement for the shop is the new oval bar of soap.
This will replace the rectangular 4 ounce bar. It weighs slightly more at 5 ounces and will cost a teeny bit more - $5.00 instead of $4.50. It will be slowly introduced and as the old shaped bars get sold the new ovals will take their place.

Unless the publicist sees a revolution against them but so far people have really liked them. It will take a bit of time for the older bars to be gone and for these bars to take over. What do you think?

Do you think I made a good SpokesGoat?



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