Friday, October 5, 2012

Post Redux : Farm Cat Friday - I Wish I Was A Farm Cat

The publicist is not feeling well so she we are giving you a look back at an old post today. I think it was a good pick and so does the publicist since yesterday was very cold and she said that the male person lit the very first fire of the season in the yurt. I hope you enjoy reading this post again and I will be back tomorrow with a new post about those little devils, Bruce and Clarence.

 While it is cold and snowy and cold outside the Farm cats have the life.
They get to be inside the warm yurt and even get to have a warm fire!

That is right.
There is a woodstove in the yurt.
Just look at this. 

Does Stinky look like a Happy Cat or what?
Since I am a Happy Goat I think I should be allowed to sleep like this in front of the fire.

What do you think?
I think you should say yes....


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