Friday, October 19, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - The Farm Cats Come Together To Tell You About Santa Paws Drive

All of us Farm cats have a really good life.

We have boxes.

And baskets.

And catnip toys

And lots of good food to eat.

We get to sleep on nice soft beds.

We are very loved.
We are warm and safe.

There are lots of kitties who have to live in shelters where they don't have their own special publicists and male persons to love them.
That's where Santa Paws Drive comes in.

Every year Santa Paws Drive raises lots of monies and then donates toys to shelters around the world for Christmas so the animals (both kitties and doggies) in shelters will have a happy holiday!

Right now they are looking for nominations for shelters for this year's drive. Just click HERE to nominate the shelter of your choice for this wonderful holiday gift.

Here is a movie of last years lucky pets playing with their toys.

I am sure any shelter you nominate will be very happy.


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