Tuesday, October 30, 2012

AbbyDay - Love is in the Air for AbbyGoat

It's AbbyDay the LOVEliest day of the week. I think everyone should be in LOVE on AbbyDay. Don't you just LOVE AbbyDay? I do, but then, I am Abby! LOVE is in the air for AbbyGoat this week so I think LOVE should be in the air for everyone!

It was time for me to dance the goat rhumba with my studmuffin, Luke the goat.
You can see he is happy too.

Sometimes though, he is a bit slow to get the rhumba going.
You can see my erm, frustration in my eyes.
This might or might not be the AbbyGoat Stare of Death.
I'm not maaaaaing.

I'll only be here for a bit buddy.
You'd better make the best of it.
I'm a busy doe.

He really needs to get his tongue back in his mouth and get down to the rhumbaing!
Really Luke.
I don't have much time here.
I've got hay to eat.
I've got apples to much.

DUDE! You really need to act like a gentlegoat and stop all of this classless snorting and stomping.
It's a RHUMBA!
The dance of LOOOOOOVE!

I guess he's just excited to see me. I suppose I can't blame him.
After all, I am AbbyGoat!
The prettiest goat on the Farm.

He IS one lucky buck!
And he does seem to know it.
My studmuffin DOES remember how to dance the rhumba!

Pretty soon I'll be looking like this.
And I CANNOT wait.
There are nothing cuter than AbbyKids!


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