Thursday, September 20, 2012

I am a Special Goat

You saw yesterday that I had some apple.
What you did not know was that I WAS THE ONLY GOAT TO GET THE APPLE.
I am one spoiled goat!
It's true!
The publicist always treats me a little bit special.

At first I was not sure what was going on.
I was all alone in my pen.

All of the other goats had gone to the barn.
I was worried!

Then the publicist came back and told me to turn around.
Is that?
Could it be?


I haven't had apple in a long, long time.
Oh, yum!
Yummity, yum, yum!

I forgave her right away.
She fed me lots of delicious apple!

I was such a Happy Goat!
There is nothing better than apples.

WAIT! Where did she go?
I have to go find the rest of those apples!

Silly publicist!
She is just playing with me.

Of course I will finish those apples!
They are MINE, MINE, MINE!

And now they are all gone.


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