Friday, September 21, 2012

Farm Cat Friday - Less Adoptable Pet Week

It's Less Adoptable Pet Week - the week were pets that deserve a home but maybe get overlooked because they are older or maybe disabled are featured on Petfinder.

Like Tessa

Isn't she a pretty kitty? Here is a bit about her:

Tessa was rescued from a cat colony after surviving a long, cold winter living outside as a youngster. Her frostbitten ears are evidence of the tough winter she spent.
She was trapped by animal control and taken to that facility and kept in isolation for two weeks. She showed signs of wanting human contact, so ACAT personnel brought her in as a foster.

She is in Alaska and looking for a loving home. If you click on her picture you learn more about her and how to adopt her. There are many more great kitties and doggies at Petfinder so maybe look into your hearts and adopt a shelter animal.

Sherpa the Farm cat was a shelter kitty until the male person brought him home for the publicist.

Or maybe make a donation to your local shelter to make the animals' lives a bit easier.
The Farm cats meow thank you.

The two new goatlings on the Farm maaaa thank you too.


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