Tuesday, September 18, 2012

AbbyDay - I Get a Little Misty Eyed at the Thought of My Baby Having a Kid

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week. AbbyDay was postponed last week so I think this whole week should be AbbyWeek!

I know you might not believe it but I DO get a bit misty eyed at the thought of my little kid Louise having her own kid.

She is due soon. 
Next week!
Hard to believe.

You two had better not be maaaaing about my size!

She is looking nice and round healthy!
I cannot believe I am going to be a grandnanny!

NO! That does NOT mean I am an OLD GOAT!
You all think you are so very funny!
Pricilla is the OLD GOAT - she is going to be a GREAT-GRANDNANNY! So there!

But back to my baby.
I'm watching over her.

I'm making sure she eats right.

Fiber is good for a growing kid!

I also make sure she does her goat yoga so she is nice and limber!
Kidding is NOT easy work!

Most of all, the other goats just know that I am watching over my baby.

The know better than to mess with AbbyGoat!
OR her kid!


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