Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Male Person's Hike

As I mentioned yesterday the male person went on a hike.
He went on the State Line Trail which is not too far from the Farm.
I guess you can figure out that the trail is the line between Montana and Idaho.
He hiked to about 6,000ft!

Isn't that some view?
In lots of places there was still snow on the ground.

LOTS of snow.
Pretty wild, huh?

While up there he could look down into the very beautiful Heart Lake.

He has hiked into Heart Lake before and caught trout.
I am not interested in trout.

He also looked down into Diamond Lake.
The publicist has managed to hike her lazy butt there.

The most exciting part of his hike though was when he met my cousins!

He saw nannies and kids!

Aren't the kids cute?

They got pretty close to him.
He said they did not seem scared.
Maybe because he smelled like ME!

He even saw a buck goat.
That was the photo I showed you yesterday.
Here he is a little closer up.

They are all shedding their winter coat to get ready for the warmer weather.
It was very exciting for him to see so many of them.
He said there were about 9 all together.

I wish I had been there!

Tomorrow instead of Farm Cat Friday I will have the winner of the random drawing for my new piggie soap and the top five choices for the name so you can vote in the poll!


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