Monday, August 13, 2012

Meet My Friends Monday - Random Felines

It's time to meet more of my friends! I can't believe how quickly Monday's roll around.
Today I would like you to meet all of the kitties at Random Felines.
They live in a nice place with their human who fosters kitties and helps to rescue doggies too!

There are seven of them!

MaestroTim and TomMozart (aka Mo)

Maestro                               Tim and Tom            Mozart

Ivy (aka Princess Crankypants)SpudJunior

Ivy                                       Spud                                   Junior

The house kitties all seem to be happy to have the foster kitties running amok in their home
Which is good because there are always kitties running amok in their home.

Right now their are some really cute ones

The publicist keeps talking about wanting a kitten and I keep butting her to remind her what kittens can be like.

I hope you all go over and maaa hello to all of the Random Felines!


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