Monday, August 20, 2012

Meet My Friends Monday - The New Chicks

This is a new kind of Meet My Friends Monday.
And I am not completely sure these are my friends....they will eventually live in my goat pen but they will also steal my grain and poop in my water bucket so I don't know if that makes them FRIENDS or not.

I think not.

But the publicist says I have to tell this story and she IS my friend so here goes:
The male person went out to get the mail and he heard this peeping sound.
There should not be peeping on the Farm
We have no peeping birds!
Then he saw this

A hen with six chicks!
She must have hid away and sat on eggs!
Silly chicken!

He went to get the publicist to gather up the chicks. They could not stay "in the wild" because there are too many things that could eat them.

Mostly Harry the Farm cat.

So they started to try and catch the chicks.
It was very funny.

The mother hen led them hither and yon with the male person and publicist chasing after them. We goats were snickering but don't tell them, OK?

But finally they managed to catch the six chicks and put them in a cooler. They decided to keep them in a big box in the yurt until they are big enough to go outside.

They are very tiny right now they are only two days old.
OK - I admit it, they ARE cute.

They were a bit cold and they were missing their mamma. But the mamma hen could NOT live in the yurt so the publicist came up with a very smart idea.
The male person laughed at her at first but.....

Goat coats are NOT just for goats apparently.

They keep little chicks warm and remind them of sitting under their mammas.
As soon as they got in their they quieted down and went to sleep.
The publicist found them in the sleeve in the morning.

Silly chicks!
They are doing just fine now. They are eating and drinking and making lots and lots and LOTS of peeping noises.

So I hope you are happy to meet the very first chicks born on the Farm.


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