Saturday, August 18, 2012

Luke the Goat is One Fine Goat

Luke is feeling neglected.
He maaaas that no one pays any attentions to him.
He is all alone and hardly gets any blog time.
He put his hoof down and demanded a day on the blog.

I am just fine with that since I think my studmuffin is one Fine goat!

Don't you agree?
Even when he is just chillaxin' under his spool he is a handsome boy.

The publicist took these pictures back before all of our tasty grass dried up.
We have not had rain for a while so it is now all brown and crunchy.

But Luke sure enjoyed eating it.
So did the rest of us.
Now we are eating the knapweed and its purple flowers.

My Luke is not exactly a dainty eater but that is OK.
I still love him.

How could you NOT love that face?
But he is MINE!
And don't you forget it!


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