Tuesday, August 14, 2012

AbbyDay - I Remember my Kid, Flash the Goat

As you all know my kid, Flash the goat has left the Farm.
I was very sad when he left but I know he is at a nice big Farm with his brothers Tim and Lew the goats. And a horse! He is doing just fine but I want to remember him now and maaaa a proper goodbye.

We all remember when he was born.
He was such a cute little guy. 

He got his name because of that stripe on his side.
He certainly grew into his name - he was a fast little goat!

He loved to play with his brother Jim the goat.
They were something!

In fact on his last day on the Farm he spent the day sleeping on a spool with Jim.
Aren't they cute?

So we all maaaa goodbye to Flash but we know he will be a Happy Goat on his new Farm.


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