Tuesday, August 21, 2012

AbbyDay - I am NOT a RobberGoat!

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week. Every day should be AbbyDay and every human should have an AbbyGoat!

I was out roaming around the Farm as I do every day when I came upon a box.

A box of GREENS.
The male person had been working in his garden and the publicist collected the trimmings to save for us goats to have a little snack.
They look DELICIOUS.
Since I, AbbyGoat found them I think they should ALL be for ME!

I do not want to SHARE these greens and I do not want the publicist to know I have found them.

I look around to make sure the coast is CLEAR.
Of course I taste test the greens at the same time.
I am a multi-tasking goat!

Mmmm, the male person grows some good grub!
I don't know what these are. They are nothing I have eaten before but I do like them.

I hope I get to keep the whole box.
That would be perfect.

I've been found out!
I hear the publicist yelling at me!
I'd better munch fast!

That's all I hear when she is bellowing like some mad cow.
Stupid publicist I just want to eat MY greens.

What do I care about Russell's pout and that I should be sharing it with the other goats.
Let Russell share his own pout with them.
Or better yet let Russell keep his pout to himself.
I just want to eat these tasty greens.


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