Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Return of Movies with the Happy Goats!

I am a very excited goat today.
Why you ask?
Because we can all star in MOVIES again!
Now that the publicist has a new computer she can use her video camera that she won and we can be STARgoats!

This is just a small movie to show us in the barn. Of course, AbbyGoat has to hog (and almost EAT) the camera.

(If you cannot see the video here you can see it HERE on YouTube,)

I hope all of my human friends in the USA had a nice - and quiet - 4th of July holiday.
I must admit to hiding in the barn because of all the noise.
I still think those firework things are gunshots and that somehuman is coming to HUNT me for dinner.

I do not want to be dinner.


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